Here Again

by KimCosmik



The first solo album by KimCosmik


released November 15, 2015



all rights reserved


CyberSoul London, UK

New album by KimCosmik "Here Again" released by CyberSoul

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Track Name: Here Again
I was lonely and it showed
Desperate as you'll ever know
Tried to leave the world behind
A lost soul that you'll never find

But I'm here again
It's so wonderful
It's like i'm dreaming
Like i'm dreaming

Makes my life complete
Saved me from the down down low
Never felt so free
Glad I hung around to know
Track Name: Unspoken Promises
Unspoken promises
I can see it in your eyes...

You don't have to say a word
I can see it, I can feel it

I can tell by the way you love me
I can see it in your smile

Unspoken promises
I can see it in your eyes

You don't have to say a word

Unspoken promises
I can see it, I can feel it

Unspoken, unspoken...
Track Name: Nowhere To Hide
When I saw your face
U could see I was surprised
Out of all the places
There is nowhere left to hide

No avoiding you
No matter what I do
Being such a fool
Because I know hat I should do

Alright, I know it's on
Ok, I'll put it down
I don't want to end up with my heart on the ground

I try to stay away
But you're always on my mind
And around me all the time
I need to stay away
But I just can't find a way to leave you behind
Track Name: Keep Love Alive
Our love brings us together
Always and through all weather
We're keeping it together
It gets better and better

Be there for you whatever
Always stay true forever
Our hearts and minds are open
That's why no-one can stop us
Track Name: The Real Deal
It seems right, that I'm here
I'm not gonna run anymore
Unless into your arms I adore

I don't want to fight, not here
Let's take it out on the floor
Leave our troubles outside the door

I don't wan't to fuss, I just want to play
Open your heart, troubles fade away
And the dream inside, it becomes alive
As we feel the vibe

Let it go, leave it all behind
When you find that you still feel love inside
There's nothing wrong with following how you feel
When it's real, yes you know it's the real deal
Track Name: In The Swing Of It
You left me waiting around four you
I didn't know, I didn't know
I didn't know what to do
Then I thought, you're treating me like a fool
So I decided, I better make a move
I've got nothing to lose

I'm in the swing of it
Oh baby yes i'm in the swing of it
Nothing you can really do about it
You can't stop me now
Track Name: Natural Love
Sitting watching the water
Glistening under the moon
I feel the wind blowing through my hair
As I dream of you

It's like the wind's your spirit
Blowing right through my soul
Carrying faint whispers
Of the stories you once told to me

Feels like you're here with me now
The strong scent of flowers on this hot summer's night
Reminds me baby of you
I don't feel alone, no

The stars carry me away
I see your eyes shining through me
Keeping me warm inside
As I stare at the fire your love burns bright

It's a natural love, a natural love...
Track Name: Keep It Here
It's on the horizon, in the distance
In the corner of my mind

I can see it, getting closer
To the feelings that I hide

Don't go away
Stay with me for now
Don't let the feeling fade
Keep it here

And i'm running
To the feeling
Of my yearning deep inside

Always running, never stopping
Trying to find my deep desire

Make the vision stay
Don't let it fade away

It's on the horizon, in the distance

Keep it here...